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The Future of Homes

Limitless design limitless options 

Here at Brights Build, we believe that we are on the cusp of a transition to a new era of housing. As the dream of homeownership has evolved in recent decades, and the demands of our day-to-day lives have been redefined by our work, families, and technology, we believe that housing will need to focus on the following qualities, which will define the future of the homebuilding industry.



The housing market is inaccessible to many today, as a new generation of aspiring homeowners struggles to break into the market. The future of housing will need to focus on offering economical solutions that sustain ever-changing conditions. We see our 3D printing construction as well-positioned to provide a solution and an easy purchasing process that has more included features and is affordable. It largely reduces the costs associated with building a traditional home because of its reduced material and labor requirements.



The shape of home life has evolved tremendously as people turn to their private spaces to serve as a workspace, creative freedom, and more. The future of housing will have to provide flexible and adaptable homes to meet each inhabitant’s needs and changing lifestyle. Our flexible and customizable floorplan options allow 3D printing technology to create the kind of space needed by each individual or family.


Innovation & technology

Technology provides solutions to many of our needs at home. Whether it’s smart features that connect to appliances or utilities, integrating technology offers the opportunity to increase sustainability and affordability. Our 3D printed houses are ultra-modern and can be easily incorporated with the latest advances that improve your quality of life.



As society becomes more and more focused on sustainability and environmentally friendly options, the construction industry will need to reconsider its damaging or wasteful methods. With environmentally friendly 3D printing, so much of this is reduced by a more efficient construction process that avoids killing trees for lumber and more accurately counts materials to prevent excess waste in the process



Our daily lives are getting increasingly complex, and home is looked to as a sanctuary from the fast-moving and stressful conditions of our working and social lives. One’s home sets the tone for their mindset and experience of day-to-day life, and a simple, sleek, and modern layout offers ease of movement, flexibility, and cleanliness that can help silence the noise of our loud world. Our innovative design is brought to life by the endless possibilities of 3D printing.

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