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What Would You Like to Know?

Still wondering if our services are the right choice for you? Check out the answers to some of our clients’ most common real estate development questions below. We’ve tried covering a variety of topics, but if there’s still something you’d like to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to hear from you.

Do you have other floor plans?

As an Instant 3D print-and-ship, not yet, but we plan to in the future. Brights Build is a 3D uses the latest 3D printing robot system that can build almost any style of home. We shall post those new plans as soon as they pass the testing.

When will Ryana instant home be available?

We estimate the delivery as early 2024. We are a new company that just finished testing and setting up a new printing wearhouse  in Houston. we plan to build a  factory that will have a robots to build with a plan to expand the robots to 10 in order to meet the demand. Brights Build's vision is to solve the housing shortage issue by increasing the number of robots and expanding the floor plans to print and ship any home size at a lower cost and fast supply. We would love to expedite the process but unfortunately, that can't be done as quickly as customer demand, we prefer to deliver 100% tested homes than expedite the process. Thank you for your patience and for trusting our process. 

How much is the shipping cost?

We can ship these anywhere in the US except Alaska and Hawaii. A rough budget might be $4-$10/mile from Houston. we don't ship outside U.S for now.

Does Brights Build assemble the house?

Brights Build only sells the 3D Printed home. We will connect you with a Brights Build certified-licensed contractor in your area.

What happens when I submit my reservation ?

Your name will be added to the list of interested customers. When we are ready, we will reach out to you to discuss the next steps.

How much will it cost to assemble Ryana instant home?

The Ryana is fast and easy to assemble. The price of Ryana instant home does not include your land, site setup, and preparation. This can include utility hookups, foundations, landscaping, permits, and more. Depending on your site and the complexity, this cost can range anywhere from $6,000 to $55,000.

Do you offer finance ? 

Yes! Brights Build will connect customers with our financing partners that offer various loan options. Before we start your Ryana instant home, our financing partners will reach out to you to discuss loan options. You Might finance your Ryana with a traditional 30-year mortgage.

What are these instant home made of?

Ryana is made from 3D-printed concrete and steel structures and can be isolated by EPS foam if needed, The foundations will be strip footing, either concrete or I-beam. Ryana instant home build as hollow wall that works very well as isolation system. These materials are durable and will last a decades.

Are Ryana instant home wind-resistant?

Yes, Ryana is rated for hurricane-speed winds. 

Are they flood-resistant?

Brigths Build doesn't use traditional lumber or sheetrock. The building materials we are Using are less likely to be damaged by water, and less likely to grow mold. 

Are they fire resistant?

It’s hard to say there is a home rated as fireproof, however, Ryana was built out of 3D printed concrete that’s less likely to be affected by fires.

Are they energy efficient?

Brights Build Home is energy efficient. This is because of the hollow walls, double-pane windows, and well-sealed plan that limits the leakage.

Can Ryana instant home handle snow?

Yes, Ryana can handle the snow. 

What Building codes do they comply with?

Brights Build conforms to and exceeds the requirements of all American building codes. Ryana will come with state 3D Printing approval. 3D Print approval may reduce local inspections and the plans are pre-approved at the state level. We don't have that 3D Print approval for all states just yet, however, this should be ready by the time of delivery. Ryana instant home complies with  all American codes ASTM-C33,ASTM-C94,ASTM-C150,ASTM-C1157,ASTM-C618,ASTM-C989,ASTM-C1240,ASTM-C309,ASTM-C470.

Is it allowed to assemble Ryana on my land?

Each area has different rules. You can try reading the rules on your local government’s website.  We know it’s confusing sometimes and we looking to partner with providers that can easily address the permitting

How are the floor and roof made?

Ryana comes with a floor is light Plat concrete or plywood 1-1/8''. As for the roofing, it is lightweight precast concrete with reinforcement. If your area requires a pitched roof, In this case, Brigths Build shall provide your installer with roof plans and they can add to the roof on-site. If a flat roof is accepted, we recommend you add a gutter system.

Can I personalize my Ryana home?

At the moment, we don’t offer personalized options, however, You can personalize your Ryana home after you receive it. 

What is the process to buy a Ryana?

Reserve your home by submitting the form and $200 reservation deposit, when your home is ready to print and deliver, we will contact you for the next step. If you want to finance your Ryana home, one of our loan partners will reach out to you to finalize the final approval. Your deposit will be counted as a down payment.  We will notify you 3 months prior to the delivery to start the site preparation and you may contact your local installer/contractor to give you a quote. If you like to include the quote and/or other upgrades with your finance, then you need to address that with the loan officer to obtain the necessary approval.

Is Ryana a move-in ready home?

Well, it’s hard to say yes, however, Ryana is an instant 3D-printed home that can be delivered and assembled at your location. The home comes as block sections that can be installed in your location in hours. This way of installation will shorten the build time compared to the traditional building. Eventually, this technique can scale up to almost any floor plan that the new homeowner likes. However, setup, installation, foundation if required, utilities, roofing system, and other finishings still need to be counted and added to be able to move in. Ryana comes with many features that make it easy to live like a kitchen, bathroom, electricity wiring, flooring, windows, and much more. But need to know and understand that you are not buying a move-in-ready home. 

How can I connect the utilities?

Ryana comes with installed Plumbing, wired electricity, and HVAC. You can simply plug in the utilities on-site. One of the side corners will come with a plug-in connection that can easily attach to your home.

Can I install solar panels or off-grid ones?

Sure, you can set it up at your site. Ryana home is a built home, you can connect unities just like any regular utilities like water tank, septic, or solar panels.

How much is Ryana home?

Ryana home MSRP is $54995, We offer now a 5% discount that will be applied for the first 1000 reservations. After that limit is reached pricing will not include the 5% discount and the price might be adjusted. When a 10000 reservation ceiling is hit, the pricing will be quoted case-by-case or we might increase the price by a  fixed percentage.

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