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Brigths Build Vision

Using 3D printing technology, we bring a sense of possibility to the world of homebuilding and construction. Do you have a dream home? Does buying and building a home feel out of reach? The home buying process is notoriously stressful and overwhelming, and our services envision a way around this. We are striving for a world where homebuilding is more accessible, creative, and better for the planet.


The problems with traditional homebuilding

Having been in the construction industry for over twenty years, we are well-versed in the trials and tribulations of traditional methods. Homes often take too long to build, projects get out of hand, and budgets get ignored, leaving customers further in debt than planned.


The housing market has only gotten harder to conquer, and for many Americans, today, buying and owning a home feels like a pipe dream that will never come to fruition. Plus, stuck in the ways of the past, our typical building and energy consumption methods leave a harmful carbon footprint on the planet.


What technology can offer

We have seen technology permeate our lives, from the realm of communication to shopping, healthcare, and more. Technology is more than just a virtual world; it also allows us to enhance our existence and processes in the material world.


That’s where the construction industry comes in. Thanks to the latest 3D printing technologies, computing has allowed us to build and create personalized living experiences with smaller crews, less material, and more flexibility in the home’s geometry, shape, and layout. Our 3D printing machinery easily constructs curved walls and rounded edges, a shape that has previously been relegated to the more advanced architectural designs in the world of housing.


3D printing allows you to dream big and finally get started on your ideal living space.


A home you can afford

Without the need for massive construction crews and with a limited timeframe to complete the build, our 3D printed homes are affordable and have an easy purchasing process. When designing a plan, you will receive a quote, and the project will stay within those bounds. 3D printing technology is opening up a world of options for individuals who previously thought they would never have the chance to buy a home for themselves and their families.


The simplicity of contemporary styles

The clean, slick, and curved lines and edges of contemporary architecture are no longer just a feature in the world’s most expensive and sleek homes. With 3D printing technology, there are endless options to establish exceptionally creative structures, wide open spaces, and winding rounded edges that allow you to live out the modernist fantasy of a spacious, contemporary, and unique home design.


Good for you and good for the planet

Our culture is shifting towards a focus on ecologically sustainable living, buying, and building methods. With 3D printing, your dream home will keep the environment in mind while also adhering to a budget. Our high-quality materials and finishes have minimal impact, and our building processes avoid the harm of cutting down forests for lumber.


Speak with us today to get started on building your dream home.

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